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If you're feeling sexy and well enough, then it's a good thing to keep your sex life going throughout pregnancy.

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In a normal pregnancy, having sex is not linked with early miscarriage. Kurki T, Ylikorkala, 1993, Coitus during pregnancy is not related to bacterial vaginosis or preterm birth.

Try not to worry if you do get a vaginal infection.

This tool may help you find out if your weight could raise your chances of developing health problems described later in this fact sheet.

Another way to find out if you carry too much weight is to measure your waist. For more on how to measure your BMI and waist size, visit the Aim for a Healthy Weight. The BMI is a tool that measures your weight in relation to your height.

Most Jehovah’s Witnesses – roughly two-thirds (65%) – are women, while only 35% are men. For one, while half of Jehovah’s Witnesses say they believe in heaven, very few (7%) say they believe in hell, the traditional image of which is challenged by the denomination’s teaching. And most Jehovah’s Witnesses (83%) say their religion is the one true faith leading to eternal life; only about three-in-ten U. Christians (29%) believe this about their own religious faith. But Jehovah’s Witnesses do not commonly advocate for these beliefs in the political sphere.

Christians worldwide are more likely to be women than men, but this gender gap is particularly large in the context of U. The denomination teaches that its members should remain politically neutral and abstain from voting or participating in “any action to change governments.” This is reflected in our polling.Men’s Top 6 Requests of Their Wives The most important aspect of a marriage is friendship.When there is friendship, any obstacle can be overcome.Jehovah’s Witnesses, who make up just less than 1% of U. adults, are known for their door-to-door proselytism. A solid majority of adult Jehovah’s Witnesses (63%) have no more than a high school diploma, compared with, for example, 43% of evangelical Protestants and 37% of mainline Protestants. On the flip side, about two-thirds (65%) of current adult Jehovah’s Witnesses are converts – like Prince, they were raised in another faith. Christians overall to participate in prayer or scripture study groups and to read scripture at least weekly, among other religious behaviors.But members of this denomination, which has its origins in 19th-century America, are also unique in many other ways. Jehovah’s Witnesses have a low retention rate relative to other U. Jehovah’s Witnesses identify as Christians, but their beliefs are different from other Christians in some ways. Like many other highly religious Christians, Jehovah’s Witnesses tend to take conservative positions on social issues.You don't have to give up all of your favorite foods or start training for a big race to improve your health.

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