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Known in the Victorian era, as the "City of a Thousand Trades" and the "Workshop of the World", Brum as locals call the city, is enjoying a 21st-century resurgence as a great shopping and cultural destination. Prostitution in Birmingham used to be concentrated around Balsall Heath.

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Speaking after the jury returned their conclusion that neglect played a part in the schoolboy's death, Birmingham coroner Louise Hunt (left) said she would now be writing a Report to Prevent Future Deaths and sending it to all the parties involved in the tragedy...She's due to give birth to her fourth child any day now.

But heavily pregnant Danielle Lloyd, 33, was full of energy as she joined fiance Michael O'Neill and her three sons for a sporty visit to a Birmingham park.

Cam Ward, R-Alabaster, the Decatur Daily previously reported.

The Educator-Student Interaction Training Act would require training on sexual or romantic contact, social media interactions, interactions outside the classroom and the use of corporal punishment and physical restraints in classrooms.

She does her business while chatting to her friend.

Unbelievably, her mate then squats and also relieves herself in Selly Oak, Birmingham — and doesn’t stop when children wander by on bicycles.

Fellow Fab-goers took snapchats of the couple in a passionate embrace on the floor, as well as balancing precariously on the casing of a fire extinguisher at the top of a Guild staircase.

Uncomfortable CCTV shows the brazen pals casually stroll along the driveway and one woman pull down her trousers.

Parents Adam and Serena allowed Channel 4 to film Leyton’s struggle for life, explaining that they wanted to raise awareness of the dangers of choking if it meant that any other family didn’t have to go through what they did.

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