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Or they simply are not capable of continuing the business.Moreover, your business is at least solvent or near-solvent, so bankruptcy is not an option.Since the world of brokering pallets and truckloads of inventory goes greatly unregulated, the profession itself has been labeled fraudulent due to a rash of unethical brokers who have chosen to act and transact business unethically. Our website was developed with the following goals in mind: What happens to all of the consumer merchandise that is returned to a department store, and what about all of the products ordered online that are returned for various reasons?

If the executor chooses to not use a third party, then he should do the inventory in the presence of a witness who is not a part of the family.

The witness can sign off on the inventory and at least lend a small level of credibility to the list.

Hays provides unparalleled service across diverse industries and situations.

From active operational and financial project management to our role as trustees, receivers and liquidating agents, we are dedicated to handling every project with utmost integrity and with the goal of maximizing value for our clients. The Trustee is in process of investigating the case and determining the status of client engagements.

The executor of the estate should have a complete inventory of the estate done prior to any liquidation activities.

Ideally, the executor should hire a third party to do an inventory that can be certified and admissible in court, if necessary.Using a liquidation broker to source and secure name brand goods levels the playing field for small resellers who otherwise would struggle when sourcing fast selling, name brand merchandise.This website serves both the seller liquidating stock and the Individual interested in learning about starting a liquidation brokering business.In order recapture lost revenue big business liquidates this stock at rock-bottom pricing.A knowledgeable liquidation broker fosters buying relationships which allow the small seller access to the lucrative world of reselling excess, obsolete, and consumer returned inventories.The will of the deceased may dictate who gets specific items of the estate.

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