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I had no idea he going to do this , till he took out his phone and asked his mum to come meet me. SOME shed tears of joy, some screamed and some kept their cool when they were told they were among the top achievers.Met een gratis inschrijving kan je dus prima rondkijken of er leuke singles tussen zitten, alvorens je besluit over te gaan op een full membership.

She will be studying accounting at the University of Kwa Zulu-Natal this year.

Ulika said her mother was her biggest supporter through her matric year and sacrificed her time to help her.

Ook het onderzoek dat wij hebben uitgevoerd, laat zien dat Lexa één van de grote datingsite is in Nederland.

Lexa is zo groot omdat ze zich richten op een algemeen publiek en geen specifieke doelgroep hebben.

Five pupils from Raisethorpe Secondary­ - Ulika Ballilal, Nicolin Govender, Lexia Michelle Naidoo, Muhammed Ismail Patel and Sonal Sewrathan - achieved seven distinctions in the matric final exams.“It feels so unbelievable.

It was a really stressful year and it seemed like it happened so fast,” said a tearful Ulika.He actually planned a picnic in the park, which I was looking forward to…but for some strange reason he wanted to surprise by bringing his Dog along. What a nightmare” – Rachel Wong“ I met a guy who really hated handbags , like for some weird reason he was just grossed out by them. From the moment I met him he told me to never carry a bag again, he felt he could tell me that even though he just met me! ” – Lexia“We went out on a great dinner, he seemed like a good guy… He was actually kinda cute , and we had an okay conversation between his munching . He said he had to answer a work call , and slipped out the main entrance.This would have worked out fine, if he dog was well-behaved … This dog barked at everything and viciously tried to bite me over and over. until he called his parents down to meet me right after dinner. 15 minutes later I realized he had bailed, leaving me to pay the bill!!! When you are studying, you have to have a balance and that is what keeps you sane,” said Lexia.Muhammed, who also achieved seven distinctions, said he did not think he was going to make it through the year, but owes his success to his support system.“My family and friends and teachers were there every step of the way to support me.” Alexa Yong“ It wasn’t enough that he came 40 minutes late, he proceeded to order my meal for me … I’m a whiskey sorta girl , he would have known this if he bothered to ask or find out about me.

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