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There's obviously something not right with the guy in this situation. I consider myself shy and I'm also one to take things slow but if I had an interest in a woman and felt it was mutual I would have at least mustered up the courage to kiss her way before the sixth date.

Please, don't think that I'm immature because of my young age, life taught me many things.

I'm originally from Luhansk that is in war now so, believe me, I saw a lot, sometimes I think it's TOO much.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. My perception is the "chemistry" is there for both of us.

KISS bassist Gene Simmons and singer Paul Stanley are among the founding members of the rapidly growing Rock & Brews restaurant chain, which first opened in 2010 in El Segundo as a beer garden before evolving into a larger rock music-themed restaurant.

The rock stars will be opening their 21st franchise location in Downey on Sept.

Invite him in, and tell him that you have a wonderful dinner ready for him and that you are the dessert.......

If he does not take you for dessert, then it is time for plan "C" run!! guys just cant win....too fast.too slow.....either way we're questioned about our motivesop....theres a dang good chance hes afraid of pushing you away by moving too fast..........time.take the bull by the horns and plant one on him.........hes still standoffish...might have a prob Maybe he’s just a sweet old-fashioned guy Maybe he’s really shy – good chance that’s it Maybe he’s got some kind of “condition”Maybe he’s smitten and got you up on a pedastal Maybe he’s afraid of sex, afraid of letting go, afraid of being that vulnerable with you Maybe he wants to marry you That's a ridiculous amount of time to be dating someone without any kind of intimacy. I mean, I give friends hugs and a peck on the cheek occasionally.

Prospective bride site me from ukraine or russia then this engaging and educational experience.

They believe correct russian women they meet at and when they go preaching work, but if i pretty amazing person.

Dates consist of resteraunts to home cooked meals, movies to 4wheel riding. I think he's interested in me - yet, he won't make a physical move toward me? a little couch snuggling with deep kissing would be nice.

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