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Some user calls can be completed within 10 milliseconds and, as a result, the start and end user-call time can be the same.

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Néhány, itthon is beszerezhető hozzávaló szükséges hozzá csak, mint ahogy azt az alábbi leírásban is láthatjátok.

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Average load - Average number of processes simultaneously in READY state the last minute Collision rate - Collisions per second detected on the Ethernet Context switches rate - Number of switches between processes or threads, per second CPU utilization - Percent of time that the CPU is utilized Disk rate - Rate of disk transfers Incoming packets error rate - Errors per second while receiving Ethernet packets Incoming packets rate - Incoming Ethernet packets per second Interrupt rate - Number of device interrupts per second Outgoing packets errors rate - Errors per second while sending Ethernet packets Outgoing packets rate - Outgoing Ethernet packets per second Page-in rate - Number of pages read to physical memory, per second Page-out rate - Number of pages written to pagefile(s) and removed from physical memory, per second Paging - Number of pages read to physical memory or written to pagefile(s), per second Swap-in - Number of processes being swapped Swap-out - Number of processes being swapped System mode CPU utilization - Percent of time that the CPU is utilized in system mode User mode CPU utilization - Percent of time that the CPU is utilized in user mode Hits Per Second - The Hits Per Second graph shows the number of hits (HTTP requests) to the Web server (y-axis) as a function of the elapsed time in the scenario (x-axis).

Throughput Graph - The Throughput graph shows the amount of throughput on the Web server (y-axis) during each second of the scenario run (x-axis).

Ich habe das Calibre Plugin installiert und ADE l�uft unter Wine.

Calibre kann eine DRM-Datei nicht �ffnen, verwalten sollte aber laut Calibre-Hilfe m�glich .

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Discrepancy between utilization and the demands results in an inefficiency, either in under-utilized resources or unfulfilled demand.

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