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It was instilled in me from a young age: This is how you dress."ALEX BORDYUKOV, 28, an information systems supervisor from Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan Oddest thing in Alex's suitcase: A cheetah-patterned suit he bought on Amazon for , and a hat/gloves/scarf combo that resembles an animal filter you see on Snapchat. I'm pretty goofy, so I always have worn random stuff.

Here's why: "I'm a 30-year-old eight-year-old. Here's why: "I'm a big fitness enthusiast, and my Thera Cane gets the knots out of my back when I've been sitting too long."The advice his buddies gave him before going on ' The Bachelorette': "They said don’t talk about my video games. Here's why: "I brought about 12 to 15 pairs of shoes. Hopefully Rachel says, ' He knows how to dress, but doesn't take himself too seriously.'"How he got his nickname, Diggy: "When I was younger, my mom used to dress me a lot differently.

I always tell people, ‘There’s no such thing as losses, there’s lessons.’ Nick could’ve become jaded or been, ' I’m so over this.' Instead, he kept going and fell in love."GRANT HUBSHER, 29, an emergency-medicine physician from New York City Oddest thing in Grant's suitcase: A stethoscope and scrubs. "But I won't even need the stethoscope [to hear my heart beat] because I'll be so nervous on night one."Why he can blame (or thank) his sister: "She submitted me for .

finally got things right with a different couple: Joey and Willow!

Joey finally realized he returned Willow's longtime crush in last night's episode, "Sky Volt-A-Rooney," and they went on the most romantic date in history.

When Sara's mother is killed in a car accident she comes to live in a predominately black area in Chicago.

She is befriended by black Chenille and starts to fall for her brother Derek.

MORE: Justin Bieber Invites Six Girls Back to His Hotel Room After European Concert! We can't wait to meet you little baby & we love you so much." Congrats!

MORE: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Want to Have a Baby "I still can't believe me and the love of my life have created another life that's growing inside of me," the 21-year-old captioned a pic of her growing baby bump earlier this month.

Derek teaches her the latest hip-hop dances to help her fit in and together they begin to fall for each other.

Jessica and Ca Cee share the ultimate bonding experience as they show of matching baby bumps -- and taste in maternity wear -- in a photo that Ca Cee posted to her Facebookin April 2013.

I wear it all the time."De Mario's ' Bachelor' role model: "Nick, because he wasn’t afraid to fail.

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