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Not only did she yell things about her ex-husband at Gizelle as she left OZ, but Ashley had a lot of negative things to say about the Bryant’s marriage in her interviews.Gizelle wasn’t really fazed or offended by what Ashley had to say, but she did imply that the Darby’s are near the point of no return!

Soon thereafter, Ashley met Michael Darby, an Australian real-estate millionaire, who is 29 years her senior.

Sparks flew, and Ashley was introduced to a world she never knew existed.

Now when all these things are happening I am defending Ashely, being her biggest cheerleader.

I’m VOUCHING for her, telling all the other ladies that Ashley means well, she really doesn’t want to be messy, she just can’t help it sometimes There is an old saying, “DON’T POKE THE BEAR”, because if the bear wakes up from its comfortable, calm, laid back sleep then everybody needs to run for cover. If I knew that in advance I would not have suggested that we go to OZ and confront Ashley.

When I was arrested I explained to the cops that I was moving to Florida that weekend.

When I got here I immediately got my Florida license and have had one ever since.

Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon showed up at OZ to confront Ashley Darby about how she handled the rumors of Juan Dixon’s Potomac hook-ups, and in this week’s Bravo Blog Gizelle Bryant defended her involvement in the situation, and insisted it was about more than just supporting Robyn!

“First, it was Karen Huger that thought Ashley was a rude, inconsiderate humping banshee.

Then she said highly inappropriate things to Charrisse Jackson Jordan causing her to feel like Ashley was immature and ignorant.

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