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Vesuvius wasn’t the only thing that erupted in Pompeii on that fateful day in 79 CE.

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May we all be so bold as to put our hands to our junks and give a mighty “f*** you” to the heavens in the face of death, just like that classic tall-tale told by Brodie (Jason Lee) in Kevin Smith’s 1995 comedy film Mallrats.

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At the surface, this reads like a textbook case of sensational, and equally inspirational, tales of ancient history that the Internet has been waiting for for millennia: In the face of a catastrophe that would go down in history as one of the deadliest volcanic eruptions ever, one man (nearly literally) pissed in the wind as scorching lava encroached upon his home.

As stories about archaeologists’ excavating skeletons of apparent loved ones huddled together to their last breaths pulled at the heartstrings of your aunts and uncles on Facebook, tens of thousands of shitposters on Twitter became fixated with the story of one Pompeii man who was pulling at his dick for one last time as he laid dying. Alas, the legend of Pompeii’s last man fapping is too good to be true.

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