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I’ve thought about a lot of things over the last few months, among them the topic of aloneness.

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OUR SOLUTIONS The Yotta Mark Authentication Platform is a Saa S (Software as a Service) that allows codes to be traced or authenticated anywhere, anytime by anyone, with just a mobile phone or through the Internet.

Our platform is designed to make it as seamless as possible. From unifying cross-channel campaigns to optimizing customer experience insights, Datorama gives each of your stakeholders the intelligence they need to make the right decision, faster.

Dating became scary and something that only lead to potentially deviant behaviors and temptations. then of course it was going to fulfill it’s purpose.

I’ve thrown my heart at guys way too early and had guys throw their hearts at me before I was ready to hold it…

When I was in early high school I read “I Kissed Dating Good-bye,” by Joshua Harris. Since I graduated from college and embarked into the cold world of singleness, I have had various dating relationships.

At the time I took his word like it was scripture and decided that dating was only good for meeting Mr. Some were great, some were weird, some were deceptive, and some were… For some reason, I’ve found that many Christians do not know how to date... There seems to be an underlying tension that we need to decide in the first two dates whether or not we are going to marry this person.Datorama automates data integration and harmonization, so you can spend less time data wrangling and more time finding insights. Datorama is built to handle enterprise, agency and publisher data– and is uniquely optimized for each type of organization.On top of our data layer, we offer easy to use visualizations and advanced analytics so you can ask questions and collaborate with your peers at the speed of marketing. We work with some of the largest enterprises, agencies, publishers and platforms around the world, and we’re here to solve marketing’s toughest problems. And as with all beginnings, it’s also an ending: the ending of a year as well as the ending of this little experiment.And we can only hope it will also be the end of dubstep as a cultural phenomenon.It’s in silence and aloneness, sometimes even loneliness, where I forge my incredibly, sexy six-pack of soul and bulging triceps of cerebration.

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