Is solange dating alan ferguson

Solange and husband Alan Ferguson arrived at LAX early Thursday looking like a modern day Billy Dee Williams and Diana Ross fresh off the set of ‘Mahogany.’ Don’t they look good y’all? Wonder if Bey’s buns in the oven have everyone asking Solange and Alan when they’ll procreate.

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After all, the sun is only out for a short spell, so why stick to boring old black?

Solange, who is also the founder of music label, Saint Heron Records, has a busy couple of months ahead as she's been asked to curate nightly stage performances for the SELECT art fair in Miami this December.

We hear she’s also set to present an award at the Grammy’s Sunday.

They warmed my heart and I simply feel grateful for all of the love.' Solange Knowles has really been giving her superstar sister a run for her money in the style stakes recently.

Trust, it's all just more reason to dub them the dopest couple of all time. "In the beginning, I was the one who approached him, so I have always sort of historically been one of those girls that goes after something that I'm into," she said.

"I'm not very old school and like, I'm not gonna wait on you.

Alan and Solange reportedly saw the film "Mahogany" on their first date and before their nuptials, the two screened the movie with their family and friends. Part of the magic in her music is credited to her hubby.

Alan is a music director by trade and helped pull off the stunning visuals for her two hit songs, "Don't Touch My Hair" and "Cranes in the Sky." Thank you Alan Ferguson for traveling 70 states with me, believing in my vision, making it come to life...never using the word impossible.

As she is not so popular as her sibling, she , however, is able to grab the millions of fans.

As of now, she is happy with the love of her life, Alan Ferguson who is an American music video director after their marriage which was the grand wedding of the year with high profile guests However, she has gone through a painful past relationship to be in such a happy situation. So, if you want to know about her past affairs and present relationships, stay on our page.

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