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All insiders, including insiders who are not reporting insiders, are subject to the provisions in Canadian securities legislation prohibiting improper insider trading.

If the price has risen in that time you can buy the share at the option price, sell it and pocket the profit.

If the price has fallen, you simply don't buy the share.

It is a phenomenon that will never rock the UK markets as it has the US ones.

US technology employees may live on their salaries, but whether they get truly rich or not depends on their share of the company.

Brocade Communications' Gregory Reyes has been sent to prison for 21 months and fined $15 million for backdating options.

This is a practice that was once viewed as little more than financial sharp practice but in 2006 exploded into major scandal for some of Silicon Valley's biggest names.

New research (July 2006) by Eric Lie and Randall Heron found that 29.2% of companies issuing options to executives and/or directors between 19 have grant date patterns that suggest backdating or other manipulative practices (such as "spring-loading," the announcement of a grant before good news is released), and 23% of options issued to executives appear to have been backdated or spring-loaded.

The pattern was somewhat more common in technology companies, smaller companies, companies granting options to more executives and directors, and companies with higher stock price volatility.

Volatility is especially significant: 29% of companies with high volatility appear to have manipulated grant dates, compared to 13% of those with low volatility.

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