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"He tried to pin me hard down there into the corner.

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There was some contact with Logano's car that caused the wreck, and Busch was fuming after watching him finish fourth in the race.

Scroll down for video Video shows him walking down to pit road and launching himself at Logano's crew with his arms swinging.

They tangled, and Busch — not known for being magnanimous — left the scrum with a bloody cut on his forehead.“Not a lot of talking,” Logano said. We usually don’t have any issues.”Were any punches landed? NASCAR officials had to drag a livid Busch away from the mayhem.“I got dumped,” a visibly angry Busch told Fox TV after the pit road fireworks.

“(Logano) flat-out drove straight into the corner and wrecked me.“That’s how Joey races, so he’s going to get it.”Keselowki, who later said something broke in his car, had slowed considerably and was running in the high lane as Busch and Logano approached on the final lap.

The two were fighting to get around Brad Keselowski, who was slowing up. He was able to avoid smashing into the wall, and ended up crossing the finish line 22nd, the final car on the leading lap.

Fox Sports also spoke to Logano, who said: 'There wasn't a lot of talking, just a lot of swinging.

Members of Logano's Team Penske crew quickly pulled their driver away when Busch charged. He was visibly fuming and had a bleeding cut on his forehead as he addressed Fox Sports.'I got dumped,' a livid Busch told Fox TV.

'Logano flat out drove straight into the corner and wrecked me. The cars made slight contact coming into Turn Four, and Logano got loose while Busch spun out of control.

Joey Logano “stopped the bleeding” on the #22 team this weekend at Michigan International Speedway.

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