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Current evidence points to a substantial amount of overlap between sex addiction and Internet addiction in people affected by cybersex addiction.

This may be at least partly true because the accessing of sexual material over the Internet fits in with the established behavioral patterns of someone who spends inordinate amounts of time on Internet use.

And we’ve all by now goofed around with trying to make ELIZA or Siri say unexpected things.

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As with sex addiction in general, cybersex addiction may manifest in the form of symptoms such as an inability to set and stick to limits on the amount of time devoted to sexual behavior or thought/fantasy, a preoccupation with sexual behavior or thought/fantasy while engaged in other activities, use of sexual behavior or thought/fantasy as a tool to avoid dealing with personal problems and exposure to serious personal, social or work-related problems as a result of sexual thinking or sexual behavior.

Specific indications of cybersex addiction may include such things as concealment of the amount of time spent using the Internet for sex-related purposes and use of the Internet to obtain sexual material that’s illegal or falls well outside established social norms.

Deakin told investigators he grew up in Peoria “around the corn fields,” according to The Associated Press.

But to the Journal Star, two members of Tremont’s Class of 1981 identified him as a classmate (though, noting the seriousness of the allegations, they requested their names not be published in this story).

Perpetrators of other hoaxes have also snared men and women across demographics, including professionals and tech-savvy consumers, in part because diverse scams are tailored to prey on a wide range of vulnerabilities.

Scam victims can come from "all walks of life", says Dr Lim Boon Leng, a psychiatrist at Gleneagles Hospital Singapore.Jeff Hinman, superintendent of Tremont School District 702, graduated from the school in 1982 but cannot recall Deakin.According to school yearbooks, Deakin played football his freshman and sophomore years, and wrestled his freshman year.National Crime Prevention Council vice-chairman Gerald Singham (above) says education is part of the fight to prevent people from falling for scams.In Singapore, Internet love scams are the current top-grossing type of scams.I got hit up by two of those bots at once earlier in January and was doing an OK job of ignoring their advances, but it was becoming clear that they had something they desperately needed to tell me, even after they axed their provocative user icons.

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