Inurl draft guidelines for mandating the use of ipsec

They have file-system configurations and the ability to be partitioned into public and private spaces that can be made available or locked.

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Mike Armistead, HP vice president and general manager, said testing was done on apps from 22 i Tunes App Store categories that are used for business-to-consumer or business-to-business purposes, such as banking or retailing.

HP said 97 percent of these apps inappropriately accessed private information sources within a device, and 86 percent proved to be vulnerable to attacks such as SQL injection.

The company asserts that this will be an important step toward embedding native Dart support within browsers.

Source: HP today said security testing it conducted on more than 2,000 Apple i OS mobile apps developed for commercial use by some 600 large companies in 50 countries showed that nine out of 10 had serious vulnerabilities.

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