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Sponsored by : The crowd, filled with attractive movers and shakers, usually peaks around 9 p.m., but people often hang well past 11.

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Have you ever needed to leave someone an awkward or uncomfortable voicemail message without wanting to call them and risk them answering the phone?

Amos Lee He’s folk, soul, and jazz infused in one artist.

Pop Life (weekly event)This is the city’s most popular Wednesday networking event.

Last year’s show wasn’t a sellout, which is a shame for a venue that only held 1,000 people. From spring to fall you’ll find Charlotte’s professionals coming to this outdoor after-work party each Thursday.

In the meantime, the Charlotte singer/songwriter has been collaborating with and writing songs for many of your other favorite artists.

And you probably most recently saw him performing last month at the BET Awards. Tone X and Friends (weekly event)Enjoy a night of stand-up comedy, live skits, improv, and music, along with a performance by the Hunnie Dipz Dancers.

People should face up to the reality of the attitudes and beliefs of the period, and should examine and discuss them.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of racist characters or moments in cartoons, even those I know and love.

A local grand jury had already decided not to indict Mr Wilson for his actions.

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