Internet dating infidelity

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Internet dating infidelity

) Nov 4th – Go travelling, Thailand, Bali, Oz and New Zeland Next Year – Move to London get the perfect HR job Buy own flat, paint it pink!

Meet extremely successful man who will treat me like a princess!

) are officially a couple, this knocked me for six, I really wish people would stop telling me things about my ex as I really don’t need to know!!

I’ve now made a 5 year plan (I know these things never work out as planned but I need some kind of structure otherwise i’ll feel completely lost!

21st August 2015 Should probably change the name of this blog now, turned 29 last week, it was such a strange day I woke up to a message from my ex saying ‘Happy Birthday’ the first contact I’ve had for months, what the hell was I supposed to do with that!

I messaged him back in an emotional stupor and said I miss him and the cat, to which he sent a mass apology for everything he put me through last year, explaining he was in a really dark place and if I can I should visit him before I go travelling.For a few hours I lived in this dream world where I’d go and visit him and things would go back to how they were, then I suddenly thought that’s really not what I want!I’m going to Thailand on the 4th of November then travelling around for a few Months why the hell would I want to go back to a man that continuously lied to me for Months, did drugs behind my back and brought another girl into my bed?Introduction: The Internet has opened a world of adventure and discovery to most of us who use it regularly. My first letter is not about Internet infidelity, but rather about falling in love over the Internet. Is the brief duration of courtship a consideration? In this week's column I will describe the problem, explain why it exists and try to offer suggestions as to how to overcome it.I have such a better life planned for myself than that!!!!!!

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