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Microsoft said it will block software developer Thri XXX from releasing its newly revealed Kinect software on the Xbox 360 console.

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The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) ratings are designed to provide information about video and computer game content, so you can make informed purchase decisions.

ESRB ratings have two parts: rating symbols suggest age appropriateness for the game, and content descriptors indicate elements in a game that may have triggered a particular rating and/or may be of interest or concern.

Video game controversies are societal and scientific arguments about whether the content of video games change the behavior and attitudes of a player, and whether this is reflected in video game culture overall.

Since the early 2000s, advocates of video games have emphasized their use as an expressive medium, arguing for their protection under the laws governing freedom of speech and also as an educational tool.

TV, interactive video games, and the Internet can be excellent sources of education and entertainment for kids.

But too much screen time can have unhealthy side effects.

They also report that the average age of gamers is 31.

A survey of 1,102 children between 12 and 17 years of age found that 97% are video game players who have played in the last day and 75% of parents checked the censor's rating on a video game before allowing their child to purchase it.

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Of these children, 14% of girls and 50% of boys favored games with an "M" (mature) or "AO" (adult-only) rating.

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