muncie indiana dating - How to avoid awkward dating conversation

A confident guy like me is totally comfortable when silences happen in conversation. If a conversation goes quite, I don’t think anything; I have nothing to prove because I already know that women feel attracted to me. It’s easy and when you know how to attract women in those ways, you don’t have to worry about any silences during conversations.

When you find yourself poised for a new conversation, with a stranger or someone you've known for years, use these tricks to avoid that awkward curse:1. They open up the conversation to something specific--for example, if you compliment a person's shoes, you can talk about where he/she got them.

And they add a degree of warmth and familiarity to the interaction.

Don’t miss the cues Part of the reason we become tongue tied in conversation with someone new is because of self-obsession.

If all your attention is focussed on what they think of you or whether what you’re saying is interesting the conversation will be awkward and clunky.

Just be sure that your compliments are both honest and specific--general comments, like "you look good" aren't necessarily bad, but they don't provide any specific direction for the conversation.

Insincere compliments, too, can be easily detected, and may set the conversation off in a negative direction.Here are eight do’s and dont’s to stop an awkward silence from ruining your first date.The best way to fill any kind of silence is to throw out a compliment.These moves let them know you are enjoying what they are saying and you want to hear more.If you are looking away or acting distracted, your date will assume you are not interested, and thus the awkward silence can begin.To the social anxious or inexperienced person, attending a professional networking event or going on a first date are two versions of the same hell--just waiting for the moment when the smooth conversation gets awkward, and everybody wants to leave.

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