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The sole purpose of these chat rooms for singles is to provide single individuals the platform to find their soul mates irrespective of their race, culture, ethnicity, religion, age and orientation.

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This may be a complete reality-shifting mind-fuck for most guys out there, but what if I told you that it’s infinitely better to be Megan Fox’s best friend, than to have a one night stand with her?

When I first got into game, I was all about cold approaching girls and getting one night stands.

To celebrate a new university year, and all that means in terms of the flirting and the kissing, the birds and the bees, we've stretched the concept of Thrifty Fun (well flirting is free...) and compiled 69 chat up lines that are especially suited for student use.

These aren't just for boys, girls can use them too.

But then, one of my mentors in the game taught me about the farming vs. As crude of an analogy as this is, think of it like this: hunting is going out and trying to find new girls.

Farming, however, is cultivating relationships that will pay off more in the long run. Guys find themselves falling into the friend zone almost all the time.You may get really close to a girl with all the hopes of getting into her pants, but somewhere along the way, you may have taken a few detours that led you right into the friend zone.I’d go out to clubs, bars, malls…wherever there was hot girls, you could bet I’d be there.I’d chat them all up, get their numbers, and pull some of them home. I bet your last name is Jacobs - because you’re a real cracker!

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