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The number of “sightings” of the mythical invader seem to have spiked of late.

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And in a final staggering coincidence, the Caltech astronomers claim we will see Planet 9/Planet X/Nibiru…by winter 2017.

A fed up homeowner has turned sleuth, placing a hidden camera in her mailbox in an effort to catch a mail thief in the neighborhood.

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Mr Morton-Haworth, whose company has made a notifications app for mobile phones and makes videos for companies such as Google, Samsung and Microsoft, said: “It seems to us it was pretty targeted on both dates — we had just had a large number of mobile phones delivered before each burglary.

The only other company in the building went bust and all the CCTV was taken out.“We installed a couple of cameras in the office — an obvious one that was the decoy, then one uploading to the cloud, that we hid behind George Orwell’s 1984.They spotted them, but by that point it was too late.” The first burglary happened two days after another company in the building left, taking its CCTV cameras from the entrance and Mr Morton-Haworth installed the camera before new security measures were put in place at the building.We take no responsibility for the content on any websites which we link to.Please use your own discretion while surfing this website.Space boffins claimed to have found evidence of a long-fabled ninth planet up to 15 times the size of Earth in the dark outer reaches of the Solar System last year.

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