Help i need advice im dating married man

Is there a way to say it without sounding judgmental?Should I caution her that she is likely to end up hurt?

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Trust me; the relationship is headed to a place called hell.

In fact, the overwhelming majority of married men never leave their wives.

A fairly close friend of mine who is not married recently shared with me that she’s been “dating” a man who is married.

I say “dating” in quotation marks, because what she’s really doing is having an affair, although she didn’t term it that. It seems like a terrible thing to do to this man’s wife, and I can’t figure out what my friend thinks she’s going to get out of this relationship.

Married men do not leave their wives for their girlfriends.

Truthfully, knowing this about her lowers her in my esteem and makes me less interested in being friends with her.

I feel like I have some responsibility to do something about this, since I know about it.

Should I tell her what I think about the whole situation?

What you can expect when engaged in this type of relationships are a lot of spontaneous changes in your ability to see each other.

Expect last minute rendezvous at the drop of a hat, but .

I am one who believes monogamy can be fulfilling and successful.

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