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which sounds The Move: You can't go wrong with their baller truffle mac 'n cheese, but if you're going with something a little more entree-y (WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!?!?), then take down one of their monthly rotating homemade gnocchi (Oh. The Marrow's a West Village contemporary Italian-German resto serving up braised brisket "braciole" w/ Pecorino & red sauce and Germanic plates like pan-fried duck schnitzel w/ quark spaetzle & wolfberries.Co-owned by Vanity Fair editor-in-chief Graydon Carter, it's routinely packed with a mix of celebrities and the who's who of New York's social landscape.

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Offered in single glasses, flights, and carafes, Anejo's tequila is about five quality notches up from your college-era variant.

This is a Southern interpretation of French creamed spinach.

Twelve minutes later, an announcement goes out and everyone proceeds to their next table.

ile for mile California's beautiful Napa Valley probably has more fine restaurants than any wine country in the world.

Outside is an apple orchard, a patio with mulberry trees, and a vegetable garden. The regular menu lists "small plates & bowls" along with main courses and "fish your way," for which the day's catch is offered sautéed, wood-grilled, and then sauced with any number of options, from tapenade and scallion-ginger to lemon-caper-brown butter, and tartar sauce, and there is a distinct Pan-Asian influence throughout.

is over, and since your Padma Lakshmi and Tom Colicchio Romance Fan Fiction group hasn't reconvened yet, you're looking for an in-the-meantime fix.

Chef Govind Armstrong recommends using a soft blue like Gorgonzola for making a creamy dish.

The firm blue cheese here creates a more crumbly topping.

Indeed, it has more fine restaurants than many major cities, and I would include Las Vegas, San Diego, Seattle, Providence, Miami, and Dallas.

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