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They say gay dating is hard work; I’m here to tell you it is. You need to develop the stomach for failure and disappointment, because there are many.This is particularly true if you have recently put yourself back out on the market after a long-term relationship or if you are relatively new to the gay dating world. It is a reality that some people simply have a harder time than others meeting people and dating. I still remember some of the shocking dates I’ve been on, like this one time where we introduced ourselves, ordered food and didn’t talk the whole time.

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Gay dating sydney

Here at Compatible Partners, we know that compatibility is the essential ingredient to long-lasting relationships, so we strive to bring people together based on the things that really matter to them.

Compatible Partners has been helping gay Christian singles find truly meaningful relationships online for over 5 years, and our scientifically-proven technology makes it easier and more enjoyable to find that deep connection.

As a counsellor for gay men I am often asked to give my opinion about how to find a boyfriend, gay dating and gay relationship advice as well as support for coming out and help for gay men’s mental health.

I’m flattered that many of my clients assume I’m an expert on such matters, but must admit my training and personal experience comes second to the first hand understandings that other gay and bisexual men tell me in our consultations.

In such a fast-paced world, with so many demands on your time and attention, where do you find the time to meet your soul mate?

And even if you did have the time, how can you meet and connect with someone special – someone who shares your interests and values?

We work like an executive headhunting firm, but for your personal life.

We meet and interview every client to understand who they are and what they’re looking for.

Once Compatible Partners has matched you with someone who really shares these key traits, its guided communication techniques allow the two of you to really develop a connection, while also discovering things about yourself.

Some other online dating sites require you to construct some kind of ideal persona based on what you think others may be looking for – but Compatible Partners’ in-depth questionnaire gets to know the real you and matches you with other people in a truly authentic way.

We take the guesswork out of dating by hand-selecting only those men we are confident are a good match.

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