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The protection of LGBT rights is the most advanced in Oceania and one of the most liberal in the world, with the country being the first in the region and thirteenth in the world to enact same-sex marriage.

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As the last overview of prevention in this population was in 1996, we review key principles behind barrier-based HIV prevention for GBM in this country to underline the importance of existing programmes and prepare the ground for future initiatives.

Universal biological properties of HIV, regardless of its host population, help explain why the world is facing this unrelenting pandemic (Table 1).

The British Homosexual Law Reform Society provided legal assistance to the society.

It drafted a petition calling for the decriminalisation of homosexual acts.

New Zealand’s response to HIV in the 30 years since the first government-funded prevention campaign in August, 1985, has been effective, and we have a good international record.

Among gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (GBM), this has been achieved by a condom-based primary prevention approach delivered through communities, supported by the creation of enabling environments, and implemented in partnership with clinical services.

The gay-friendly environment is epitomised by the fact that there are several Members of Parliament who belong to the LGBT community, gay rights are protected by the New Zealand Human Rights Act, and same-sex couples are able to marry as of 2013. Statistics New Zealand currently does not readily record the sexual orientation of people in New Zealand, meaning there are very limited statistics on New Zealand's LGBT population.

However, at the 2013 Census, there were a recorded 16,660 people living in a same-sex couple in New Zealand - 7,340 male and 9,310 female.

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