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“The women are in a place to make a decision to be more visible in the community,” said Jodi Hall, a Fanshawe College researcher and Safe Space London volunteer.

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This territory is starkly heteronormative, reinforcing gendered stereotypes and naturalizing certain types of heterosexual behaviour while ignoring a spectrum of other realities. College Composition and Communication, 57(1), 45-82.

By analysizing depictions of sex work published for 2013 in the , a politically centre-right newspaper printed in a midsized Canadian city, this paper provides analysis of articles about sex work in the local-regional context of London, Ontario (Canada).

“There is so much more in the lives of these women.

The overarching theme of the research is the relationships they are able to form in a space not directed by any policy or politics.” Researchers from Fanshawe and Western University, with help from Safe Space volunteers, asked 22 current or past sex workers: What would help you live and work with enhanced safety and dignity in London?

July 31, 2017 An Ottawa man has become the latest victim to sue the Archdioces of Ottawa for sexual abuse that he allegedly suffered at the hands of the city’s most notorious Catholic priest, Rev. Read More June 14, 2017 When Beckett was approached by students from A. Lucas Secondary School to match their team’s fundraising amount, we were excited to help a local London school raise money for an important cause.

In December 2014, despite the Supreme Court of Canada finding Canada's prostitution laws unconstitutional, the Conservative government passed a bill criminalizing the buying of sex and the advertisement of sex for sale. Sex work has a long history as a hot-button topic, and it continues to remain newsworthy throughout the country. Attacks raise fears in area – predator – sex trade. This public discussion in some contexts has privileged certain lobbyists and so-called advocates, disregarding or distorting the voices of sex workers themselves. In a written statement, Brown admitted to the relationship with Cassidy, calling it a “grave error in judgement on my part.” “I can confirm what some have speculated. (with Cassidy) for a brief period of time,” he wrote, adding it “ended some time ago.” Brown didn’t attend Tuesday’s council meeting, with deputy mayor Paul Hubert citing “a family issue.” [np_storybar title=”Read the mayor’s full statement” link=”#codeword” ] [/np_storybar ] No one answered the door when a Free Press reporter visited Brown’s home Tuesday night.Over the past many months, during a period of intense workload, I developed a close working relationship and ultimately an inappropriate personal relationship . The lights were off and blinds drawn on the two-storey home in a northwest London suburb.Instead of fleeing, a handful of workers and advocates formed a grassroots organization called Safe Space.

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