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Harm can come in many forms: emotional, relational, physical, spiritual or criminal to name a few. Compulsive masturbation can lead to sexual dysfunction and less-than-ideal intimacy with your spouse. More than physiological, this can affect your spouse emotionally.

Catholic sexual ethics, like everything else in American Catholicism — and perhaps America as a whole these days — is divided into two galaxies.

There's the Farley-like camp at the Society, with more than 1,300 members, which has generally embraced more open, liberal interpretations of Catholic sexual ethics.

That’s shorthand now for the writings of Sister Margaret Farley, a 70-something theological heavyweight, whose book, “Just Love” was censured by the Vatican this week for its empathy toward same-sex marriage, masturbation and divorce, among other activities totally forbidden by Catholic teaching.

Now the must-attend event for members of the world’s largest group of theologians, is an an interview with Farley, the group’s past president and a matriarch of feminist theologians.

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Addictions keep you stuck cause they don’t really solve the problem, all they do is numb you to the emotion that wants to be expressed and keep you from taking the right action that would help you to move forward in life.

They long ago okayed papal no-nos like premarital sex and same-sex relationships, and are more focused now on things like creating stable families led by equal partners and the impact of toy marketing and media on girls’ moral values. While banned by the church, Farley wrote, the practice is neither inherently good, or bad.

“Self-pleasuring,” Farley said, can help or harm “well-being or the liberty of spirit” — it depends.

Perhaps you would rather be at home masturbating than socializing.

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