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This guide will help you if you’re too comfortable .After all, attractive people reportedly get more job interviews and earn more money (shocker).

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Once you begin the call, you can use the Picture-in-Picture button to view your image. Also, make sure you're not on Mute at the beginning of the conference. Ask the participants at the other sites to press Mute when they are not speaking.

Make sure that you're visible within the frame, that the room lighting is adequate, and that there are no background distractions. Check the volume settings on your remote control (or PC) and if necessary adjust them.

So speak in a normal tone of voice and try to limit any side conversations or shuffling of papers near the microphone. When you ask someone a question, make sure you give them a few seconds to respond, as they might be turning off Mute so they can be heard. How do I share content on my PC with people in my video conference?

With Polycom People Content™ IP software, you can send content from your display to participants right through the network. Just start the application, enter the IP or H.323 of your video conference system (for example: 1.163), and click the application's purple "Play" button.

Your PC content will then display for all participants.

Note: you may first want to disable any instant message pop-up windows or e-mail applications.In fact, we’ll show you how to dramatically improve your video presentation with some basic attention to your webcam set-up.Obviously, you’ll still need to be qualified for the job and answer the questions well (as always, Big Interview has you covered with that part of your prep).However, even attractive and well-dressed candidates can mess up their video interviews if they’re not careful.Luckily, a little bit of knowledge about the equipment and the process can go a long way.While you're watching pandas chomp on bamboo, play in trees and tumble in the grass, specially trained volunteers with Friends of the National Zoo are hard at work using these cameras to collect behavioral data on the giant pandas.

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