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Afterthoughts today, Oakland’s MC Hammer and his white clone from Dallas sit atop the chart for over half a year and indisputably establish rap music as commercially viable.

If Instagram existed in 1992, it would have been filled with pictures of kids wearing their clothes backwards, thanks to the duo a 19-year-old Jermaine Dupri discovered at an Atlanta mall.

Tom Joyner went on record Friday morning saying that Foxy Brown was removed from his "Fantastic Voyage" cruise ship and escorted to a plane.

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Then I went through the phase of seeing him being the hottest rapper with the biggest buzz in the industry." Foxy and Shyne were so tight, she says she stayed by his side during his trial.

And when their worst fears were confirmed and he was found guilty in June 2001 of assault, gun charges and reckless endangerment (see "Shyne Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison"), she visited him in jail. I was emotional; he was like, 'You're being a baby.' When they brought him out, I went from seeing him drive around in a Bentley and us living in the same apartment building in Jersey, to him coming out with his greens on and us sitting in the little colorful Mr. We're sitting with each other for an hour and somebody is saying we can't talk after this.

She's keeping hope that at least one will get out soon, her childhood friend Shyne.

"We have a real special relationship that supercedes music," Foxy, who appears twice on Shyne's upcoming LP, Godfather Buried Alive, detailed about their connection on Tuesday, in between hitting a mixtape shop and getting a pedicure. He calls me Pinga — my name is Inga, but he calls me Pinga. I witnessed the transformation of him before he was Shyne, just running around wilding in Flatbush [in Brooklyn] to getting signed.

Young nigga catching charges Continental Ts parked in garages Menages, odds is I'm the best spittin' it, nigga I'm gettin' it I admit it I was watching New Jack City And fucking with ?

Now.....because Tom is old school and very professional, he didn't offer up any of the behind the scenes dirt only saying, So we don't know what happened from Tom's side...we got an earful from Foxy on Twitter.

She keeps messing up her chances and needs to know that the public does not forgive women like they forgive men.

I can't believe I'm gonna say this but Tom Joyner and his ignorant actin' crew can be very disrespectful.

The posts that are on these African American sites regarding other African Americans or worse than any Klan, or Neo-Nazi.

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