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For those who have not heard about the Days of Summer event, you will want to do the first weekly quest in the next few days, and get ready for a few weeks of doing a weekly quest. Speaking of goodies, my laptop finally came back from 2 months of warranty repair, just in time for me to log into Discord and find out from Caith that we were (thankfully) misreading that Mara house deed. This is a happy, happy thing, so please spread the word.Speaking of spreading the word, I still see a lot of folks in the homeshow channel and the like giving out the wrong url for this site. All of the information on this site has been gathered and submitted by the players and Niami Denmother.

Later when you acquire Adept or Expert versions of the spells the level of FX will increase.

Finally when you acquire Master and Grandmaster versions of the spells you will experience the full FX force of that spell.

Net Framework 2.0 can be downloaded either from this direct download link or if you prefer you can get it from windows update.

When you try and run the program and you get "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135).

However, there is currently a bug with the xp to go along with the level not being properly granted. Tonight sees the end of the Kelethin City Festival for another six months.

It also sees the release of the new Days of Summer quest.

Expect, as we mentioned, to see a full new tier of class profession abilities as well as new Ascension abilities.

[As a note, all of the current Ascension abilities will remain relevant, and we have no plans to introduce upgrades to current Ascension abilities.] With the expansion, class profession spells will drop as they have historically, so look forward to those master and ancient spell scrolls!

When you start a new character you will have Apprentice spells.

This spell tier along with Journeyman will have a beginner level of FX in both size and quantity.

We are updating, optimizing and standardizing every class spell visual in the game.

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