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Every time a group task is started, it requests the list of computers that comprise the group and starts on these computers.Group tasks are useful for planning regular actions in an organized network where all computers are connected to the Server and organized in administration groups.

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when I first add a machine and send a super agent wakeup call, everything works fine and the virus scan on the new machine is updated.

But once the new DAT is pulled into the repository, global updating doesn't update the machines already in my site list.

However, there is a limitation in the Application Model whereby if you chose to install an application as a User, it inherits their user privileges for the installation.

This is a problem if your users are Standard Users as opposed to Local Administrators – more often than not, you won’t have the permissions to perform a full install.

Not sure why the file didn’t get created in the first place I’ve talked plenty of times on here about how fed up with Mc Afee i am.

I had a meeting with Trend a couple of weeks ago and I’m about to evaluate their stuff.

A task, as an action management tool, includes type of the action to be performed, its settings, schedule, task name shown in Kaspersky Administration Console, and settings for storing task results.

For example, a deployment task, in addition to its name, schedule and settings for storing results, includes installation parameters, most of which are specified in the deployment wizard.

Tasks are used in Kaspersky Administration Kit for performing most one-time and periodical actions.

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