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One night in mid-September it was a man on horseback, his hazy outline emanating outward in shades of fuschia and lime until it became the same man, in sharp silhouette and riding a miniature motorcycle. I interrupted these visions to feel guilty that even my insomnia-induced hallucinations are lacking in both clarity and function. It feels misleading, the way it feels to introduce myself as a writer or a native of Brooklyn. Though one or another of my three older half-brothers (like our father, expert sleepers all) were sometimes around in the evenings, at bedtime—to my perpetual disappointment—it was often just me and my parents in the house.

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Like what I will eat for lunch tomorrow and why I’ve had so few healthy relationships. I associate sleeplessness with boys then, too, though at that point they wore Jenko-brand jeans and oversized polo shirts and didn’t talk to me in the hallway because their friends thought I was a little bit chubby. His friends called me “The Nick Girl” while mine called him “The Lizzie Guy.” I pretended not to, but could see the resemblance: both of us had dark wavy hair, Roman noses and wore glasses with thick rims.

Whether I’m going to drink coffee or tea in the morning and how many books-I-haven’t-read-but-must I’ll be able to get through during winter break. We met nightly on the black metal stairs between our dorms to smoke more cigarettes than I ever really wanted to and talk about the fact that he wanted to date me but couldn’t because he wasn’t ready: he had to break up with his high school girlfriend, and then he had to find himself, and then he had to brood and write songs about the whole tortured process.

Almost 16 percent of all children live in blended families according to 2009 U. Does it make a difference if they live with you or if they live elsewhere-in another house, another city, state, or country?

It raises a question I am asked in some form quite often: Are you an only child if you have half-siblings or step-siblings who are considerably older or younger than you are?

The period of Greek history from about 1600 BC to about 1100 BC is called Mycenaean in reference to Mycenae.

At its peak in 1350 BC, the citadel and lower town had a population of 30,000 and an area of 32 hectares.

The reconstructed Mycenaean Greek name of the site is Mukānai, which has the form of a plural like Athānai.

The change of ā to ē in more recent versions of the name is the result of a well-known sound change in later Attic-Ionic.

As one mother told me, "My daughter thinks of her half-siblings as sisters, but they live 1500 miles from us.

She is being raised and I think of her as an only child even if she doesn't." I asked Elizabeth Tannen, 27, author of the blog Dating in the Odyssey Years and a student in the University of New Mexico's creative writing MFA program, to answer the question: "Are you an only child? I'm sure readers would like to know your thoughts and/or experiences that relate to: Who is an only child and who is not? ELIZABETH TANNEN RESPONDS: One of my most vivid childhood memories is of my mother putting me to bed one night when I was four years old.

Legend has it that the name was connected to the Greek word mycēs (μύκης, "mushroom").

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