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You know an Edgar Wright film when you see one, even if Simon Pegg isn’t nearby — the distinctive sense of heartfelt humor, the impressive editing, and the predictably awesome soundtrack, all working in time to deliver a film that’s remarkably poignant for such a well-oiled machine.

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” He added: “I would never say never, and you're not wrong to say that that's the one that you could do further instalments.” The one thing appearing to keep Wright from committing to a follow-up is because he is struggling to find the right reason.

“The tricky thing with a lot of sequels, and especially comedy sequels, is once characters have finished an arc.

Edgar Wright began making films at age 14 for the amusement of himself and his friends.

At 20, he made his first feature, A Fistful of Fingers which had a limited release and was shown on SKY Movies, a UK channel.

the World) the stylish and just plain cool Baby Driver does feel like the work of someone wanting to prove something.

In Baby Driver, Ansel Elgort plays Baby, the best getaway driver in the business.

Edgar Wright will never admit this (and good grief I tried to get him to), but I do believe he had a bit of a chip on his shoulder while filming Baby Driver.

(There were many times during this interview in which Wright would just smile and say, “Your words, not mine.”) But Wright admit he’s still frustrated by the time he lost while working on Ant-Man before parting ways with Marvel – and he’s right, because it’s somehow been four years since we last got an Edgar Wright movie (2013’s The World’s End).

But just when he thought he was out, Baby (yes, that’s really his name, B-A-B-Y) is pulled back in for one last job that threatens to destroy his happily ever after.

It’s just as much a junior version of Walter Hill’s is, like the eponymous hero, driven by the beat of its expertly curated diegetic soundtrack.

“I've definitely had some ideas and me and Simon have even talked about it at points,” he revealed, “but it's that thing of, do I want to spend three years of my life doing that?

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