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Our kids were deliberatly eavesdropping on the most intimate acts of my recent union with my new husband. How about I listen at the door then act out the whole episode in front of all your siblings and boyfriend and girlfriend? ’ The giggling subsided, and I retreated to my bedroom without making a big deal of what could have been a huge one.

Funnily enough, ever since, the matter of parents’ sexuality visibly lost its appeal, gradually replaced by the matters of our teenagers’ own.

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"A lot of the stuff that happens on Gchat is not necessarily productive and wouldn't be talked about in real life -- it's surface-level nonsense that's getting in the way of why you're in the office to begin with," Bolt says.

The more time you spend swapping complaints about your boss, links to the best video you've seen all year and -- oh, right -- questions about , the harder it becomes to recover and produce.

When Kruse IM’d Kim to see if she was done babysitting, no response came. The school attracted a variety of troubled kids in Langford, a sleepy suburb of Victoria, but few more troubled than Kruse Wellwood. In 2001, following his involvement in a sexual-assault case, Kruse’s father, Robert Raymond Dezwaan, sexually assaulted and murdered a 16-year-old girl.

Dezwaan was sentenced to life with no possibility of parole for 15 years.

Kim Proctor was no different than your ordinary teenage girl. Everyone knows teens live with abandon online—exposing their secrets, likes, dislikes, sexual preferences, home addresses, phone numbers, and so on—in ways their parents can’t understand.

Easily hurt by insults and just as easily swayed by compliments, she dwelled in an angsty purgatory familiar to most adolescents. But it’s not just this generation’s sense of privacy that’s eroding. They act as though the words they write and pictures they post and texts they send vanish into the ether.

Unfortunately, many are paying a very steep price for that.

Encryption is the process of mathematically processing data using an encryption “key“, such as a password or passphrase, in such a way that the result of the combination is unrecognizable as the original.

All I wanted to do was run, hide my head under the pillow, and never come out of the room again.

Even if we did make some noise, our bedroom is quite tucked away and the only way the children could have heard us was by listening at the door. ‘Wait until you start bringing your own girlfriends or boyfriends back home.

‘Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah,’ sang Hugo and Andrew in unison, animating the words with panting and hip-thrusting.

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