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Here, men reply to half of all messages, and women reply to 20% (the highest female reply rate across Ok Cupid’s top cities, tied with Salt Lake City).

Casual relationships are fairly mainstream, but open relationships — one where both partners can see other people — aren’t quite there yet.

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California is the worst place to date for the straight ladies.

It turns out that every city has its own idiosyncratic dating culture, and in this , we’ll take a look at what those cultures are.

If New York is the worst city for messaging, then Portland is the best.

Well, this may not be news to a lot of west coast women out there, but it's official ...

Dirt Search.org, a free way to anonymously do background checks, conducted a survey to find the top 10 worst states to find a decent guy. After reviewing over 1.5 million search records, a lot of juicy stuff surfaced — and by juicy we mean horrifying.

We asked a few ladies who have experienced the Californian dating life to shed more light on why finding a decent guy in their state is rough.1.

Most Of The Men Only Have One Type"Well, the guys are looking for pretty, thin, white blond girls..perfect bodies..no brains," said Joanne G., 58.

It is geared towards ‘romance’ rather than ‘hooking up.’ The service is available on the web and an i OS app, with an Android app likely to come some point in early 2017.

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