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After you create a managed zone, you can change the name servers that are associated with your domain registration to point to the Google Cloud DNS name servers.

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This feature is available for paid accounts (Dyn DNS Pro and Dyn Standard DNS) and can be used with .

For more information on this mechanism, please see RFC 2845 and the Wikipedia page for TSIG.

You will typically provide at least two name servers.

To benefit from Cloud DNS' high availability, you must use all name servers.

Utilizing your Domains page in the User Portal, you will be able to find every domain that is not up to date.

You will be looking for domains with an orange “Action Needed” status. Once you’ve identified the domains that need to be updated you’ll need to log into your DNS Provider, or Domain Registrar’s Dashboard.Before you begin, make sure you receive the records that would need to be entered from your service provider.You may want to check their support site or contact them for more information. Every custom domain you added to your blog will have its own section here.You’ll know you’ve found the right place when you see your domain(s) listed out.Some Registrars have the domain and records in the same area, such as Cloudflare: Using the A Record (IP address) in your Domain’s Page update your domain’s A Record in your Registrar’s Dashboard.You can find a specific domain’s DNS by clicking on it from the list.

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