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There have been close to 1,900 cases of salmonella in Queensland so far this year, more than double what would normally be expected, health authorities say.

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Every day these precious, iconic animals are under threat from habitat loss, cars, dogs, bush fire and disease. Koalas have been around for 30 million years and have changed little over that time, although their environment has altered dramatically.

Queensland Koala Crusaders, along with many other conservation organisations, is working hard to slow the escalating and rapid decline in Australia’s wild koalas. Their history is inextricably linked to that of the aboriginals who feature them in many Dreamtime stories going back 40,000 years.

However koalas are not bears but marsupials, a subclass of mammals.

They belong to a unique family group (Phascolarctidae) and only live in Eastern and Southern Australia.

They are utterly unique and different to any other marsupial in this family. Under Queensland’s Nature Conservation Act 1992 koalas are listed as ‘Vulnerable’ (to extinction).

In Victoria and South Australia the koala is simply a protected species and only offered minimal to no protection.Click on the post name to see the most recent message. Go to the Forum page and scroll down or use the search function.- Jimmy TThe advice and opinions provided by the author and other contributors to this website should not be considered as an alternative to professional advice.A Queensland man and his friends have started a website that helps disgruntled motorists dispute unfair parking fines with exorbitant fees.Sunshine Coast man Scott Bradley says the website was still in testing stage and will include information on the site in the future as the days went by.You must be registered and logged in to reply to posts or post new topics.

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