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For each pre-typed response, you can add tags to associate common related words.

When a customer types one of these words, the pre-typed response is highlighted and acts like a button, which is easily accessible from within the chat transcript.

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Below are some responses that I have thoughtfully composed in my head but never took the time to actually send out. Perhaps it’s that you spend the majority your days painting naked women.

Dear man with the Mullet who won’t stop contacting me, You have a mullet. But more importantly, I think it’s the fact that you stated in one of your emails to me that you couldn’t paint one particular woman quite yet because you were waiting for her pubic hair to grow in.

Your mobile app can interact with the Instagram app through different methods on both i Phone and Android.

i Phone apps can pass photos to the Instagram app through custom URL schemes and the Document Interaction API.

But I am sad to report that most of the emails and messages that I receive are quite frightening.

Today’s post is a small glimpse into a day in the life of Dean’s top dating contenders. Love, Dean Dear Wealthy Foreign Painter, Although I find it impressive that you have found a way to retire at the ripe age of 36 (and drive a Porsche), there is still something about you that I find odd.

And this got me to thinking, if I was stupid enough to get involved with a married man, then there must be other girls out there who have fallen into a similar trap.

I learned the hard way that dating a married man can only lead to unhappiness in your future.

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