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Parents are paying thousands to publish their own kids' books - msn NOW ...requires less talent and experience than designing a house, extracting a wisdom tooth or supervising a lunar probe is, frankly, delusional." It might be love; it's not ...Unauthorized access and usage of private information may result in consequence such as identity theft, as well as theft of property.

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With people living longer and America's active baby boomers reaching retirement age, more and more people are turning to online dating services to find (or replace) Mr.

By Mike Mc Manus My wife and I know a never-married woman about 50 who met a man online who seemed spectacular.

He sent a photo of himself as an airline pilot flying a military plane, with a rugged, handsome face.

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With a growing number of older adults living independently, it’s increasingly important to make sure that they’re safe at home.The number of internet users continues to grow worldwide, internets, governments and organizations have expressed concerns about the safety of children using the Internet.Sensitive information such as personal information and identity, passwords are often associated with personal property (for example, bank accounts) and privacy and may present security concerns if leaked.If you’re an older adult living on your own, or care for an older person living alone, here’s what you need to do to stay safe.Keep emergency numbers handy Always keep a list of emergency numbers by each phone.These fake websites are often designed to look identical to their legitimate counterparts to avoid suspicion from the user.

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