Dating wine bottles

Renovations are done annually to keep the historic site in good shape, according to Bill Schroh, director of museum operations at Liberty Hall Museum.

But the renovation of the wine cellar produced more than he expected. I would expect a bottle or two when you look through the wine cellar, but not the amount we found,” Schroh said of the hidden collection.

No one in this post-Rudy Kurniawan, post-fake Chinese Lafite wine world can remain ignorant about wine fraud.

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The new technique is similar to radio-carbon dating, used for years to estimate the age of prehistoric objects.

It works by comparing the amount of carbon-14 (C-14), a less common form of atmospheric carbon, to carbon-12 (C-12), which is more stable and abundant.

SAN FRANCISCO, March 21, 2010 — Two decades of atomic bomb testing in the atmosphere are yielding an unexpected bonus for consumers, scientists reported here today at the 239th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS).

It’s a new test to determine whether that Bordeaux or burgundy is from a fine vintage year and commands premium price or actually is a counterfeit vin ordinaire or cheap plonk worth much less. D., who headed the research, said that misrepresenting the vintage — the year the wine was made — is an ongoing problem. Some years bring perfect growing conditions for vineyards in a country or region of a country and the grapes produce exceptional wines that command premium prices.

“The problem goes beyond ordinary consumers being overcharged for a bottle of expensive wine of a famous winery with a great year listed on the label,” Jones pointed out.

“Connoisseurs collect vintage wines and prices have soared with ‘investment wines’ selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars a case at auction.” Jones said the wine industry is fighting forgeries with special seals and high-tech labels.

The museum, located on the campus of Kean University, a state college of New Jersey, found the bottles as part of a six-month restoration project.

Among the collection were three crates with 12 bottles of wine in each and 42 demijohns—vases used to hold and transport alcohol— including a Madeira that dates back to 1796, after the American Revolution.

Herve Guegan, the manager of transfer technology unit of the Nuclear Research Centre of Bordeaux, runs a test on a bottle of 1944 vintage Medoc wine 'This enables the age of bottles and their origin to be verified and thus a vintage to be authenticated, a bit like the signature of a painter on a masterpiece, all without opening the bottle and without affecting in any way the content,' it said.

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