Dating patience

As you chat with your match you have the opportunity to like the messages — or "encounters" — they send you.

The app's "slow matchmaking" algorithm then shows you compatible profiles based on your interests and search settings.

Unlike Tinder, Bumble, and basically every other dating app out there, the app won't just show you photos of your match.

Wikipedia describes the term, the ‘friend zone‘ as a undesirable situation for the lovelorn individual, as once a relationship hits the ‘friend zone’ it’s very hard to move up and take it to the next level.

You’ve probably seen it with your group of friends or even experienced it, but it’s definitely not a place anyone with an open heart wants to be even if it’s a very common situation. Well, it would require taking risks because most times, getting sucked into such a vortex is a result of playing too safe or being too passive.

We started seeing each other but didn’t let many people know because we wanted to wait until school was out.

The daughter got wind that something was going on and told her dad it was wrong for him to date her teacher and begged him to date anyone but me.

This week we have a question that gently touches three different aspects of relationships.

One of which is the dreaded ‘friend zone’, best described in popular culture as a platonic relationship that contains no romantic entanglements.

Part of problem may be that the girl feels betrayed by you.

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