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The piece not only fails to make a compelling case but gives only a superficial treatment of the science presented.Slater names three influential figures in shaping and popularizing an evolutionary view of human behavior – Robert Trivers, David Buss and Steven Pinker. Looking for love can be embarrassing, confusing, and frustrating.

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What do any of these scientists think of Darwin’s sexist gaffe? The piece also tries to make the case that a more symmetrical view of male and female sexual desires would somehow disprove the role of evolution in human behavior. In many animals, the males and females are quite parallel in choosiness and promiscuity.

That’s particularly common in animals that show a lot of pair bonding and paternal care. Would we be less influenced by evolution if our behavior turned out to resemble that of penguins more than, say, alley cats?

But his characterization of their views is so shallow and thin that it seems like he’s criticizing a caricature of evolutionary psychology.

There’s no evidence in the piece that Slater spoke directly to any of them, though he apparently exchanged email with Pinker.

It is a question as old as man: How do I get others to do what I want?

In his book entitled Banned Methods of Persuasion, the author provides an in-depth guide to the many techniques and methods for becoming the grey eminence you were always meant to be.

There’s quite a nice rambling article in the New Yorker magazine on the positive and negative sides of the positive psychology movement.

When you’re done reading the article, check out our own more or less comprehensive article on Emotional Resilience.

Some of the most devastating insights into the human mind have been hidden away in the pages of psychology journals - dark secrets which offer the promise of power and influence, over ourselves and over others.

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