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These days you’ll see Marc in and around North Idaho, where he owns Riley Creek Lumber Co., the largest lumber producer in the Intermountain West.

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Producers from throughout the state gather to showcase produce, meats and other goods in a region classified as the largest perishable food distribution facility between Boston and New York City.

Portland (year-round, varies by location) Maine’s biggest city sits right on the Atlantic coast, so it’s no surprise the Portland Farmers’ Market’s locations carry some of what the New England region is famous for – and it’s not necessarily lobster.

Someone will get falling down drunk, someone will bid on a puppy they’ll have to return in the new year, and someone will start singing Meatloaf’s Dashboard Light song with alacrity. But this morning I’ll kick back and cogitate on a word – meme. We’ve all heard it and let it roll right off the back of our heads like we know what it means. There was a picture of Beyonce that became a meme; meaning it floated around the internet in different adaptations: Beyonce at a football game; at a WWF match etc. But I love it when literary and pop culture collide to invent a meme. The “Girls” creator is never afraid to show her body or try to explain the existential trip of 20 something women living in NYC.

Well, according to it comes from the Greek meaning “mimic” as in imitating a certain behavior; more recently, it is a bow to biology and gene theory. She is the present-day equivalent of Carrie Bradshaw’s “Sex and the City.” This year, the character who plays Dunham’s mother attended an academic conference and told her daughter, “I never thought I’d meet so many other women who feel the same way I do about Ann Patchett.”And there it is – feminist fireworks! Sometimes I’d have to pinch myself just to make sure I wasn’t caught up in one of her novels come to life.

In 2008 Riley Creek Lumber merged with Bennett Forest Industries to form Idaho Forest Group (IFG).

Marc is the Chairman of IFG In addition to the Lakes Commission, Marc is a member of the Negotiating Committee for Coalition for Fair Trade Lumber Imports, a member of the Board of Trustees for Buena Vista University, the past chairman of the Western Wood Products Association, a U. delegate to the European Softwood Conferences, and the former president of the Intermountain Forest Industry Association.

Surrounding Bayview is 4,180-acre Farragut State Park, the second largest state park in Idaho and a favorite for camping, hiking, cross-country skiing and water sports.

Because of the depth of Lake Pend Oreille (1,150 ft) Bayview is currently the site of a US Naval Acoustic Research Detachment where large-scale submarine models are tested.

THE BOARD Ford Elsaesser, chairman of the Commission, graduated from Goddard College in 1973 with a degree in Forestry before moving on to law school at the University of Idaho.

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