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the name faïence (or the synonymous English 'delftware') being reserved for the later wares of the 17th Century onwards, either in original styles (as in the case of the French) or, more frequently, in the Dutch-Chinese (Delft) tradition." Tin glazing creates a brilliant white, opaque surface for painting.The colours are applied as metallic oxides or as fritted underglazes to the unfired glaze, which absorbs pigment like fresco, making errors impossible to fix, but preserving the brilliant colors.Another influence on the pottery was French motifs.

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The maker's mark is a JT, underneath which reads the word Delft accompanied by the date code, artist's initials and style number.

Continue Reading Another way to identify Delft pottery is to look at the date stamp.

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Pinet of Bond Street » Original and iconic pair of 1970's platform shoes probably by F.

Tin-glazed, multi-colored earthenware was pioneered in Moorish Spain with the style known as majolica, which was soon copied and spread to other parts of...

Sitemap for quick access to our collection of early English pottery that includes Toby jugs, salt glaze stoneware pottery, English delft, brooch jewellery, prattware, stained glass and Staffordshire figures. We specialize in Delftware & other faience, clocks, antique furniture, fine art, chandeliers/ligh... Otherwise, please find us on Ebay via our store Bucks C... We buy French, Dutch & Belgian antiques directly from European estates, wholesale dealers and markets. Perkasie, PA 18944 & welcome customers Thursday-Saturday 8am-4pm via our showroom.It is decorated in colours on a white background, sometimes depicting historical and mythical scenes, these works known as istoriato wares ("painted with stories").By the late 15th century, several places, mainly small cities in northern and central Italy, were producing sophisticated pieces for a luxury market in Italy and beyond.Delft pottery, also called delftware or delft blue, is a soft earthenware pottery sealed with a lead glaze made opaque using ashes or tin oxide.

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