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Occasionally, as in the case of Jack Sheppard (16th of November 1724) who had escaped several times, a person was hanged alone, but this was unusual, probably due to the expense of it.

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However, the veracity of these claims still remains to be corroborated with concrete evidence.

Discovery The caves of Bhimbetka were discovered in 1957-58 by one of the great accidents of history.

(Being trapped inside the body of a Cyberman in the previous week didn’t exactly bode well.) They wer certainly hoping to see The Doctor regenerating, revealing Peter Capaldi’s replacement. It may have been chaos but at least it was unpredictable.

Bill completed her terrifying transformation into a Cyberman, but miraculously survived and had a happy (albeit watery) ending.

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Doctor Who bowed out in typical – as opposed to classic – style.

Despite the advent of the process, the legendary Time Lord staved off regeneration (for now).

So we did not discover who was going to play the new Doctor.

’The Doctor Falls was expected to be the end of an era – promoted as the last episode for Peter Capaldi (The Doctor), Pearl Mackie (Bill), and the show’s supremo, writer Steven Moffat.

Moffat had warned it would ‘witness the death of someone The Doctor has pledged to protect’, leaving viewers bracing themselves for Bill to be killed off.

The series finale started with an enjoyably unpleasant, perfectly soppy, scenario but descended into mayhem, sabotaging its own storylines and turning into a mess that hardly provided any satisfactory endings at all.

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