Dating a dominican guy

But not only do you have to translate from Spanish into English so that you get it, firstly you have to translate from Dominican Man Spanish into Spanish and then into English. Time within a relationship is totally different from normal time. So lesson one is always make that translation and you will not be hanging around waiting.

Of course they often do not tell you how long they will be, as many Dominican men have a habit of just disappearing and you have no idea where they have gone or when they will be back!

Obviously there are plenty of good points - but I wanted to look at the problem areas.

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You are being treated like a lady and this helps you in the loving this man but make sure you find out what being a lady in the Dominican culture means and the responsibility and duties they expect from a spouse if you are heading in that directions.

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Sometimes I feel like there is a world of difference between us, like I dont know the rules. And no comment on any decision making in the household.

I am not used to a man paying for me, a man opening the door for me (I am not complaining, I love this about him), the last person I was with wasnt as proud, so this is all new for me... A dominican man expects from his lady the following: 1. House needs to be cleaned every weekend inside/out (sporadic cleaningduring the weekdays.

I also have lots of emails from ladies who are in relationships with Dominican men and having problems, and also from those who have taken their Dominican husband to live with them overseas who are also experiencing some issues.

There is a major cultural difference between Dominicans and people from more developed countries and it is that difference that we women fall for.

Dominicans are not so much the drinkers or smokers.

And let’s be real, for an average woman it is especially impressive when compared to her European fellow candidates for a fling or for even more for an altar. I observed that they tend to be masculine in their behavior.

I receive several emails from foreign ladies who have Dominican boyfriends or husbands asking for information or advice, so I thought it might be useful every so often to tell you what I have learned over the last 10 years, living with and then married to a wonderful Dominican man, and also bringing up two stepsons. Five minutes is up to an hour, or an hour and a half but never ever five minutes.

When I learned Spanish and could more or less speak it and understand it, I thought life would be a lot easier, in that I could understand perfectly what my husband was saying to me. Twenty minutes is around three hours and two hours is all day.

A statistical Dominican is more eager to call himself a “man” and for that matter to achieve all the stereotypical “man” attributes (good employment, functional family etc.) And thus Dominican men are hardworking.

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