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Or, your date gets into a fight with someone and later claims that it was a big setup or the guy was out to get him. But a crazy person will make intense eye-contact that makes you feel awkward and a bit like he’s violating your space. When you ask the guy what his dreams are, he’s got crazy, over the top plans that don’t seem too logical or like they’ll work. He might laugh it off when he tells you that he’s “crazy” or a “cheat,” but it could be truthful. Sometimes psychos also call themselves bad things without meaning to — it’s their truthfulness coming out, so listen to him during those moments when his mask slips. He tells you about how his friend fell and broke his arm in three places, but he laughs all the way through the story.For instance, he might have just got a new job and he claims that he can easily make a million dollars in a year. When you tell him about something scary that happened to you, he’ll be quick to joke about it or tell you not to be such a baby.

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Here’s how you know you are in a relationship with a manipulator: #1 He or She Constantly Lies A Crazymaker lacks the ability to feel remorse.

He or she will stand in your face and tell you outlandish lies without diverting eye contact.

I can pretty much promise that if you follow it, you’ll save yourself vast amounts of aggro and unhappiness. And while I would never call anyone hysterical (because it implies a woman is crazy because of her silly lady hormones) there were times where I sobbed so hard I was almost sick, which was arguably hysterical. I was that way because I’m a normal person with a normal spectrum of emotions.

If someone you are dating refers to more than one of their ex-partners as crazy, put down your drink, pick up your coat and walk away. When I started dating my long-term ex, I was none of those things. But five years of only being allowed to speak on the phone for 15 minutes each Wednesday (I could apply for a 10-minute extension if I had something major to discuss) left me incredibly needy.

"Once you are hooked, sex is also abruptly shut off and you'll find yourself feeling insecure, rejected, and doing what you can to get him to give it you again."4.

6 or More Months In: He's losing interest by now, so say bye-bye to compliments and hello to the silent treatment.So, how can you spot a psychopath before it's too late?Campbell offers up six signs to watch for throughout your relationship:1. You're beautiful, intelligent, and unique — finally, someone is seeing you for who you really are! "Once this phase ends he will abruptly shut the attention off."2.As a general rule, a person does not tend to have more than one genuinely ‘crazy’ ex. From personal experience, every relationship that I’ve been in where I’ve acted even the tiniest bit ‘crazy’ hasn’t been because I’m actually unhinged. Only being allowed to see him for one weekend a month and one weeknight a week also made me clingy and precious about our time together.The same goes for people who say that every boss they’ve ever worked for has been evil, or every landlord they’ve ever had is unreasonable. It’s been because being treated badly makes people ‘crazy.’ Crazy, wasn’t my ex’s favourite choice of word for me. If the dates got cancelled or changed I would be in floods of tears.Although you might think this guy is a risk-taker and spontaneous, read between the lines: if he wants you to do something that could harm your body or get you arrested, he’s really showing you that he doesn’t care about your safety and well-being. The guy barely knows you and he’s already giving you expensive gifts, telling you how amazing you are and making you believe that he’s so lucky to have met you. Instead of showing embarrassment, getting flushed cheeks or backtracking on his words, he comes up with an excuse really quickly and his face doesn’t show any emotion.

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