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With other versions it is impossible and Photoshop CS5 cannot even display them properly.

Remain agnostic and support interoperability with several competing Io T protocols.

Govern how data is shared in a digital ecosystem – and, who is authorized to send or receive certain data streams.

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P.s for those who has a battery problem while flashing, use a factory cable ( connect pin 1 to pin 4 ) Best Regards Mazen Nice work brother:thumbup: My friend has a XT910 running 2.2.3 i am thinking of rooting it i dunno the procedure can you guide me and i am from india wt firmware should i download for XT910 is it possible to flash md5 files through odin and also can moto razr XT910 have cwm recovery???

U can use an app called safestrap which works as the cwm.

If this message does not dissapear after a while it means that Privnote does not work in your browser. If the problem persists, send us an e-mail at [email protected] your browser name and version and we'll do our best to fix the problem.

With Privnote you can send notes that will self-destruct after being read.

Order a hard-copy order of your album too and let your readers do the same.

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