Consolidating unsecured debt

Other loan amounts are available at alternative rates. Other loan amounts are available at alternative rates. You must be a homeowner and between 50 and 75 years old to apply for this loan.

Representative Example: The representative rate is 12% APR (fixed) so if you borrow £7,500 over 3 years at a rate of 9.76% p.a.

Debt consolidation means taking out a new loan to pay off a number of liabilities and consumer debts, generally unsecured ones.

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use them for a range of things the top unsecured personal loans will help you become debt free quicker and save money in the process.

Which, ultimately, is what we want to do, as it helps us achieve financial freedom and live the kind of life we want.

One is to consolidate all their credit card payments onto one new credit card – which can be a good idea if the card charges little or no interest for a period of time – or utilize an existing credit card's balance transfer feature (especially if it's offering a special promotion on the transaction).

Home equity loans or home equity lines of credit are another form of consolidation sought by some people, as the interest on this type of loan is deductible for borrowers taxpayers who itemize their deductions.

You may not know where to go to find an unsecured personal loan. That being said, this post will help you determine what the best unsecured loans are – based on your specific circumstance.

In basic terms, an unsecured personal loan is issued largely based on your creditworthiness. There is nothing securing the debt like with a mortgage or car payment.

To illustrate our point, imagine that you're sitting in a small sinking boat.

Plugging the holes in that boat won't get you to shore, but plugging those holes does give you the OPPORTUNITY to get back to dry land and to safety.

(fixed) plus an arrangement fee of 5.7%, you will repay £167.59 per month & £10,055.54 in total.

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