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Matinee Masala, as the name suggests, will bring to the listeners updates from the world of celebrities and cinema.

Roslan dan Amy sudah memulakan pusingan ketiga ini dengan bercium dan meraba-raba.

Hamdan dan Diana masih berbual-bual sedang Johari dan Hani masih terlentang kelesuan tetapi tangan Hani sedang mengocok-gocok batang Johari yang masih layu itu.

Kali ini, Amy dan Roslan berdiri dengan Roslan mengangkat Amy dan mengerakkan dia naik dan turun, sudah pasti sesuatu yang meletihkan tetapi aku nampak Amy bukan main seronok lagi.

I already wrote last year a complete review of Bali nightlife which I recently updated. Others say it's a Harry Potter theme, which is even worse.

The $ sign indicates the average price category for a standard alcoholic drink. The interior design of La Favela is really amazing, a real work of art. The music is a hit or miss, usually old-school with popular pop and disco songs.

The following venues are all the busiest party spots in Bali at the time of writing. I recommend you to choose a hotel near a nightclub. More a bar than a nightclub, La Favela is located in the heart of Seminyak, on Jalan Oberoi. The place is rather big, with a nice, quieter outdoor area. Not a sleek, modern place as it is made almost entirely from recycled materials and antiques.

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You'll avoid 4 things: Drunk motorbike accidents, bag snatchers, traffic jams and crooked taxi drivers. It is just in front of Red Carpet Champagne Bar, and next to Le Bistro. Popular with Westerners, much less with Indonesians. The street is often clogged with traffic so it's best to walk if you don't stay too far away. If you don't like college style parties, then you will hate it. It is a closed air-conditioned club that has no "Balinese" feel.

Read my article 10 Best Girl-Friendly Hotels Near Bali Nightlife or check these top Bali hotels to party with chic rooftop bars, multi-tiered pools and nearby beachside clubs. Jenja is located in the basement of the Town Square Suites on Jalan Nakula. They give you plastic cups instead of real glasses. La Favela is open all day as it is also a restaurant. Beware of pickpockets outside and inside, especially at the end of the night. Australians (50% Bogans), teenagers and backpackers from all over the world, Javanese prostitutes, 20-something Jakartans on their first trip to Bali, some younger expats. The biggest club in Bali with a fun, mixed crowd in terms of age and nationalities. There are also quite many prostitutes operating in the club but they are rather discreet. A relatively easy pick-up place for guys and girls. Western girls might not be comfortable with the number of prostitutes. I would only advise going to Mint on weekends or when they have special DJs. More on Mint on Jakarta100bars.com: Mint Nightlife Bali. Mirror is located in the back of Gardin Bistro on Jalan Petitenget, Seminyak. The latest trendy club in Bali, Mirror attracts mostly people from the Seminyak expat community.

The show has various engaging segments like - What's Up Chennai, Jill City, Paarra, Matinee Masala and Pesunga Makkale.

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